Decorating Your Apartment with Color Without Having to Paint

Decorating Your Apartment With Color Without Having To Paint

All of us love to sit in front of the television and watch the decorating shows. Most of these shows keep saying the lowest-in-cost and easiest way of decorating the apartment is to paint its walls. Painting is a source of adding good color to some room, and it can impart any particular mood or theme to your apartment. But there are some rental apartments in Richardson that may not allow you to paint walls of the apartment. So, here are some ways that will allow you to add some color into the apartment without painting it.

An easy method of defining space inside the room and adding color to it is the area rug. A large colorful and dramatic area rug can be a far better choice instead of multiple smaller ones scattered all over the room. When decorating your apartment’s living space, for instance, you can opt for a big area rug for anchoring the room’s center and then all the furnishing can be done around it, incorporating coffee table right in the middle. This colorful rug can be used for pulling colors from that can be used in room’s other areas like curtains and wall art.

You can also use some colorful curtains in your apartments in Richardson Tx for adding color into the room without having to paint it. It will seem more dramatic should you make use of curtains in a solid color instead of prints. All curtains or the draperies should be made in same color while purchasing longest available length. The curtains should be mounted way over the window-top, and you must still have the curtains to reach your room’s floor.

Color can be added to the walls of your Richardson Apartments without having to paint if you incorporate some wall art into the apartment. You can either purchase such art pieces or make ones of your own, no matter if you’re some artist or not. Visit some craft store for purchasing pre-mounted canvas with gesso applied on it. Gesso is nothing more than a primer that is used on canvas for allowing you to start painting over it easily. You can be able to find these canvases in different sizes, but you’ll be looking to buy larger ones to make a biggest impact statement in the room with color.

Another way of bringing color into your apartment without painting its walls is by purchasing a big 9×12 ft canvas dropcloth that is easily available at most of the stores for home improvement products. This canvas can then be painted in an attractive and creative manner with the help of roller and paint for painting it all, or by using free-hand designs or stencils. Once you are done with the painting work, you should then hang the canvas in your rental apartments on the biggest wall. This will allow you to get easily a dramatic look into your apartment with no need of painting the walls at all.