Decorating the White Apartment Walls

Decorating The White Apartment Walls

Moving into your new apartment can be a time of excitement for you. But what you can do to the white walls that don’t look so pretty? You can be able to work around with them and look for a shabby chic or modern look for incorporating those white walls in your apartment décor. You can also look to add some kind of color into the walls, without making use of paint, for getting completely new look into the apartment. Read on for some apartment decoration tips that will help you to deal with those white walls regardless of the style being chosen by you for the overall apartment décor.

Work with the white walls by making them backdrop for some wonderful modern art. It is not necessary for the wall art to be quite expensive. Big blank canvas can be purchased from some craft store which can be painted in different colors while matching it with the colors used in the room where it will be placed. Even a fabric can be stapled to the canvas and bring some instant art into your apartment while sticking to a budget.

One more style that will work quite well with the white walls of your apartments in Richardson tx is the ‘Beach Cottage Chic’ or ‘Shabby Chic’. Having this look in the apartment will allow you to bring some color into your desired room by incorporating some colorful fabrics and painted furniture and accents, even though the colors can usually be pastel and muted, not bright. A wonderful reason of using this particular look in your apartment rentals would be that it allows you to take a ‘Mix n Match’ approach for your dinner ware, furniture pieces and everything which can be incorporated into the apartment while allowing you to stay inside your budget as well.

White walls of your apartment can be camouflaged without paint as well. This can be done by investing in some inexpensive bookshelves that you will have to assemble on your own. It is advisable to get a couple of tall bookshelves at least, and more if affordable. The shelves’ back should be lined with the help of scrapbook paper. Same color could be used or you can print on every shelf or ‘Mix n Match’ somewhat. The colors can also be changed fairly easily and you don’t have to spend a whole fortune for this at all. Now, add little lighting to the shelves by going for under-the-cabinet lighting which you can easily find at the hardware stores. Next thing to do is decorating the shelves. In this way you will be able to create focal point your apartment rentals in Richardson while bring a hint of color as well as personality into the apartment and detract from the bleak white walls.

Hanging curtains can also be a great choice to deal with the white walls. The wall can be treated as a big window for hanging curtains from top-to-bottom like you do when your cover up the windows. Alternately, they can even be hung from ceiling.

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